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Working on the Watcherr system

Working on the Watcherr system

We are leading the data science capabilities for the Watcherr smart healthcare ecosystem.

28 February 2021 - News @ DKGR Data Systems

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Our work with Watcherr

We are delighted to publicly announce that since December 2020 we have been leading the data science division for the Watcherr smart healthcare ecosystem, owned by the Belgium-based company Tequinity.

What is the Watcherr system?

From the Watcherr website:

Watcherr: Predict and prevent
Watcherr is a proactive monitoring and distress system, specifically developed to help people in distress and to improve staff efficiency in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Watcherr system features
Some of the features of the Watcherr system.

The Watcherr is a smart healthcare ecosystem that provides a proactive, rather than reactive approach to healthcare. Smart IoT-enabled devices interact with advanced algorithms to optimise health outcomes for those in elderly residences and care homes.

How is DKGR Data Systems involved?

We are providing data science capabilities for the Watcherr system. We are developing the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that help the Watcherr system provide advanced healthcare.

Our primary focus is on:

  • Fall detection.
  • Heart rate monitoring algorithms.
  • Health risk and disease prediction and prevention.
  • Automated, individualised health and health risk assessments, aided by the integrated indoor/outoor location tracking.

We are using Bayesian statistics and Machine Learning to craft probabilistic algorithms capable of optimising healthcare outcomes for those monitored by the Watcherr system.

As well as our work on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we are also writing and providing guidance for major research and development grants.

Watch this space! We hope to provide more positive updates in the future! Please take a look at the Watcherr website to get more detailed information on the Watcherr system.

If you would like to know more about data science for the Watcherr, get in contact with the options here or try a message on our discord.

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