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Working at DYWIDAG on Infrastructure Intelligence

Working at DYWIDAG on Infrastructure Intelligence

Driving AI and ML for major infrastructure projects at DYWIDAG

12 February 2022 - News @ DKGR Data Systems

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Working at DYWIDAG

We can announce that, since January 2022, David has been working on driving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects at DYWIDAG as a part of DYWIDAG Global Research and Development. DYWIDAG is a multinational that works to make infrastructure safer, stronger and smarter. DYWIDAG seeks to deal with the global infrastructure crisis by extending infrastructure lifespans and smart data monitoring and processing.

The ANZAC Bridge
DYWIDAG has worked on projects such as the ANZAC Bridge in Sydney, Australia source

DYWIDAG is famous for building bridges, ground anchors, pre/post tensioning and major civil engineering projects. While the company still excels in these areas, they also provide digital services for infrastructure monitoring. The video below goes into some more detail.

At the time of writing, the DYWIDAG website has some great videos and 3D models showing off some of their technology such as bridge stay-cable wrapping robots and smart ground anchor technology.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Infrastructure Intelligence

A summary of the DYWIDAG Infrastructure Intelligence project can be watched in the Youtube embed below.

The Infrastructure Intelligence platform collects and presents sensor monitoring data collected from infrastructure (such as bridges and railways). This data is collected continuously to allow for stakeholders and engineers to make informed decisions about how to best maintain these critical assets.

To extend this system, David is working on building out the AI and ML capabilities of DYWIDAG and Infrastructure Intelligence. These advanced analytic capabilities will further improve the lifespan and safety of infrastructure while simultaneously reducing costs.

AI and ML will be applied across all areas of the business, including the technologies and projects publicly listed on the DYWIDAG website. As he has extensive experience in all areas of both Civil Engineering and Data Science, David is well suited to provide these services within DYWIDAG.

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